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Australian Labradoodle History

As a breeder we wanted to offer our adoptive homes a puppy that we knew would live up to the standards
the public is reading and hearing about. The Australian Labradoodle has received a lot of media attention, and rightfully so. It is a new breed, the dogs being used as dams and sires are health tested for genetic soundness. The health of the dogs is at the forefront with the Australian Labradoodle.

We Choose the Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle
as we knew there had been years of research which evolved into the allergy and asthma friendly, low to non-shedding dog now known as the Australian Labradoodle. The breed is not just a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. Generations of dogs were bred, only the allergy and asthma friendly dogs from the beginning litters were used as dams and sires, passing on the traits needed to form this wonderful breed. Through much research the Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle consistently offers the coat type and the temperament that makes these dogs so exceptional.

The breed began development in the late 1980's by Wally Conran for the Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria, Australia. He was to create a guide dog that would be allergy and asthma friendly. He started with the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, as he felt this would make an excellent mix for the temperament needed to be a good guide dog, along with the attributes of the Poodle's coat.

Two research centers in Australia continued the development of the Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle. After many years of selective breeding and careful research Tegan Park Breeding and Research Center and Rutland Manor have developed the breed everyone is so exited about. The Irish Water Spaniel and the English and American Cocker Spaniels were brought into the mix to bring qualities the research centers felt were needed to create a breed that would be allergy and asthma friendly, low to non-shedding, highly intelligent and easily trained. These dogs live only to please their owners, having excellent health, fantastic temperaments, and service qualities.

Because the Breeding and Research Centers and other responsible breeders have put so much time and effort into developing the Muitlgeneration Australian Labradoodle, we are confident our puppies are well rounded with good health, intelligence, and low to non-shedding coats.

                       Allergy and asthma friendly                                                 low to non-shedding

                     Highly intelligent                                                                   Easily trained

                     Loyal Companion                                                                  Family oriented

                     Good health                                                                           Excellent temperament

                     Comical and playful                                                              Sweet natured

If you are looking for a dog to share your life and be a true member of the family, the Australian Labradoodle may be the breed for you!

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